Chunmi Technology launches superior kitchen appliance brand TOKIT
Source: Sina    2019.03.04

Chunmi Technology launches superior kitchen appliance brand TOKIT

On March 13, Chunmi Technology officially launched a new Internet brand of kitchen appliances, TOKIT, in Shanghai. You may find Chunmi Technology familiar, for it’s been a member company of the ecological chain of Xiaomi soon after its establishment in July 2013. It then released a number of smart kitchen appliances that have been widely recognized by the marke.


Now the company launched a new brand TOKIT, because it has looked into a distant scenery on the shoulders of giants, and realized that the existing kitchen appliances or even smart kitchen appliances sold on the market cannot well satisfy the consumers today. TOKIT was therefore built to deliver higher-quality and better-designed products, so that users can truly feel the warmth in cooking with smarter kitchen appliances.

As the new brand was announced, TOKIT also released some new smart kitchen appliances, to tell the world, through superior quality and high level of completion, that this time, TOKIT is playing for real. Now let’s take a smart oven for example and see how it upgrades the cooking experience in the kitchen.


A key point in cooking is temperature control. In oven-related cooking, in particular, the first factor should be adjusting the heat, which, is exactly what TOKIT Smart Oven is best at. The product features a top-positioned carbon-fiber heating tube that functions as the core heating component, and can generate far-infrared rays in operation, to facilitate full thermal transmission into the food inside while heating its surface. Hence more thorough heating for food from both inside and outside, and an efficient heating approach to increase dramatically the rate of temperature rise. According to official data, TOKIT Smart Oven, compared to a conventional one, can save one third of the heating time in preheating to the same temperature.

But heat power only is not enough. TOKIT Smart Oven also boasts ultra-precise real-time heat control. In addition to the exclusive tuning of Chunmi Technology and the sensitive temperature response of the carbon-fiber heating tube, the smart oven performs better in either heating up and down, or abrupt heating to a specified temperature.

Inside the chamber of the oven, Chunmi Technology has also applied its creative optimization. TOKIT Smart Oven is equipped with triple temperature probes, and dual-NTC independent temperature control that allows the two carbon fiber tubes at the top front and rear to operate independently, and automatically compensate for the difference of temperature field between the front and back of the chamber. And a hot-blast dual-channel cycling system is provided to ensure the temperature of every inch of space in the chamber be precisely regulated in real time.


TOKIT Smart Oven adopts a panda color design featuring white box and black panel. The operation panel slightly inclines upwards. And the integrated LED touch interface provides rich information display and simple operation logic, as well as embedded OLED display knobs, making the operating experience rather friendly.


TOKIT Smart Oven is also equipped with a 3-layer heat-insulated glass door, which can lock the heat firmly inside the chamber and let it intrude into the deep structure of food. While the great taste of food is being adequately woken up, the risk to get burns from outside can be well avoided. The chamber, made by all 304 stainless steel, looks pretty and is also durable, freeing you from the dread for cleaning.

TOKIT Smart Oven is designed to go with APP control, and creatively built in with a 1080P WAC, which can record the whole cooking process and automatically compress it into a short video showing the wonderful moments in baking. Moreover, it supports live broadcasting, so that you can share with other food lovers your joy of baking.


In addition to TOKIT Smart Oven, TOKIT also introduced a full set of smart kitchen appliances. It is worth mentioning that all TOKIT products, including Smart Induction Cooker Lite, Mini Smart Rice Cooker, Smart Rice Cooker, Pressure IH Smart Rice Cooker, IH Smart Rice Cooker and Mini Smart Oven, had won the iF Design Award, 3 of which also received the Red Dot Award.

TOKIT represents TO KITCHEN. It goes after industrial design aesthetics and intelligent app control because TOKIT is dying to let every user discover and experience the joy of cooking, upgrade the fun of cooking, and create a smart, simple, and interesting "light-version" kitchen experience. If you feel like experiencing the charm of TOKIT and smart kitchen appliances yourself, you may pay a visit to TOKIT’s exhibition booth in Hall N1 at AWE 2019 from March 14-17. Don’t miss it if you love electronic products and love life.

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