Defining new power in the kitchen with full eco-chain layout
Source: Zhongguancun Online    2019.09.10

Defining new power in the kitchen with full eco-chain layout

On September 3, 2019, Chunmi Technology’s 6th anniversary press conference was held at Pinvita’s Tian’anmen Global Flagship Store. It gathered a number of mainstream media agencies and outstanding industry vertical media agencies to witness the development of Chunmi Technology on a new journey. Yang Hua (CEO, Chunmi) and Diego Kuo (VP, Chunmi) showed up and made speeches with four brands of Chunmi Technology.

Four brands unveiled to show Chunmi’s eco-chain layout in kitchen

Rice cooker, induction cooker, microwave oven, oven… Since Chunmi Technology rolled out its first product IH rice cooker in March 2016, it has been gradually “occupying” the kitchens of more and more people.

From the Mijia series that is closely linked with Xiaomi’s ecological chain to the high-end independent brand TOKIT, Chunmi Technology has gone through six years of development and precipitation, initially starting from rice cooker, to develop into a senior kitchen appliance provider integrating Mijia, Zhi Wu Zhu, TOKIT, and Quanchu. With ultimate product competence, outstanding Internet genes and excellent intelligent services, it has achieved a complete eco-chain layout in kitchen, covering kitchen hardware, kitchen software, smart catering, and food supply.


Chunmi’s ecological layout

The Mijia series of kitchen appliances inherits the consistent product style of Mijia and are favored by consumers for high value and high cost performance; Quanchu is designed for retro enthusiasts, returning to the original nature, and sets its own banner in the kitchen appliance sector with its unique design style; Zhi Wu Zhu, as an auxiliary means for cooking that integrates cookware, food materials and smart app, is the first successful exploration of Chunmi Technology in running a self-owned brand; and TOKIT reflects Chunmi Technology’s ultimate pursuit of kitchen fun.


Smart cooking is more than remote control

Diego Kuo introduced that Chunmi Technology has been always committed to smart cooking. In order to do it well, the team has rallied top talents of IT intelligence, traditional household appliances and the Internet sector, intending to integrate advantages of each to help solve the cooking issue for young people.


Diego Kuo, VP, Chunmi Technology

As for "smart cooking", Diego argued that intelligence does not necessarily mean moving functions of the hardware itself onto the mobile phone and change the phone to a display or “remote control” of the hardware. The real intelligence must involve extension of contents and services based on software, so as to attain the value that cannot be accomplished by hardware alone.

As far as Chunmi is concerned, buying the product home is just the beginning of services and connections. 3,000 rice cooking solutions to adapt to different rice types, varied regions and diverse taste requirements; thousands of smart recipes to allow one-touch cooking, freeing the cook from what the machine can handle; massive cooking data on cloud server to provide real-time insight into the user' cooking preference, and to admit the voice of users, providing basis for product iteration; APP intelligent control to realize infinite function customization and get rid of the complicated and useless operating experience... Chunmi practices the real “intelligence” concept in its kitchen appliances through a series of designs, so that those who cannot cook learn to cook, those who want to cook find it easier to cook, and those who can cook perform better. As such, users reign more in cooking.

TOKIT full-line products debut, oven with camera being acclaimed

In March this year, TOKIT, Chunmi’s mid-to-high-end Internet brand of smart kitchen appliances, was officially announced. All six products of the series won the iF Design Award.


TOKIT Mini Smart Oven

Compared with previous products, more smart, more social, and more fun are tagged on TOKIT.

Among its products, the TOKIT Smart Oven unveiled at the scene became a well-deserved focus just for its futuristic appearance. In addition, it also hit the standing pain spots of consumers in functionality and interaction with its precise temperature control technology and smooth operation experience. And the “oven with camera” that features kitchen socializing turned to be the biggest selling point beyond expectations.


TOKIT Smart Oven

The chef from Chunmi demonstrated the cooking process of Portuguese egg tarts on the spot. The audience could watch on mobile phone the real-time changes of the food dancing in the oven, and even receive a 10-second short video generated by the changing moments of baking at the end, which could be then shared to social platforms via a one-click action. A range of practical and fun features renovated the cooking experience.


Applied for 401 patents (of which 311 have been granted), 16 international design awards, Mijia Pressure IH Rice Cooker sold out in 47 sec at first sale, Mijia Induction Cooker sold out in 1 sec, a cumulative sales of over 4.5 million sets, annual sales growing rapidly at a rate of 120%... In the 6 years after establishment and 3 years since product launch, Chunmi Technology has contributed a dazzling performance for the kitchen appliance sector.


Yang Hua, CEO, Chunmi Technology

“In the next era, we must let users speak. Our mission is to help them realize what they want but find difficult to reach, and wield Internet thinking to change the kitchen appliance industry, making it fun to cook,” said Yang Hua.

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Defining new power in the kitchen with full eco-chain layout

Defining new power in the kitchen with full eco-chain layout..

On September 3, 2019, Chunmi Technology’s 6th anniversary p..