A good kitchen appliance could be also a good “master”
Source: IXDC    2019.09.20

A good kitchen appliance could be also a good “master”

Although the famous saying in the south - “graceful in the drawing room and skillful in the kitchen” is somewhat derogatory in historical criticism, it has actually been more like self-ridicule among young people so far.

As a young people in the 21st century, I believe almost everyone is “graceful in the drawing room” now, but how about “skillful in the kitchen”? I’m afraid most would beg to be excused from the kitchen.

From pictures to the era of short videos, now people may not cook often, but never cease to show passion for food. Watching the numerous food tutorials on the Internet, I can’t help wondering whether “cooking” is really that simple?


In the past, making a meal did require some talent and years of experience, but today, as intelligent technology runs rampant around, a fresh hand may rival with a senior chef in minutes. All you need to do is to press a button. Pig’s trotters stewed with rock sugar, pork fried with sugar and vinegar, nutritious slowly cooked soup…. All out of question. Why?

The push hand behind cooking experience upgrade of all the people

As the title of the article suggests, kitchen appliances have today turned cooking into a thing guided hand by hand. This is not magic, nor a high-end custom service, but just technological convenience brought by smart kitchen appliances.

As Chunmi rolled out the TOKIT series products, which used to win the world-class design awards, iF and Red Dot, they soon swept the electrical appliance market. The black tech product that is especially popular with young people has been developed by Diego Kuo, Technology Partner, VP of Design and R&D, Chunmi.


Diego: Master of Industrial Design from Domus Academy, joined ASUS in 2003 as design director, established ASUS Shanghai Design Center in 2006 and 2007, and designed the Jiuyang D08 soymilk machine in 2009 with sales and award records not broken yet till now, and joined Chunmi in May 2016 as a technology partner.

Look on everything in life and work with the eyes of a designer

As a designer, Diego is good at discovering details in life with an eye for beauty, and acquire inspirations and joys.

However, Diego has been always firmly convinced in his work that product design is different from art. First of all, it serves people, so he pays great attention to the audience's feelings while designing each product. Meanwhile, he also believes in the usefulness of aesthetics in design. He integrates design into life and designs products based on user needs. He hopes users can enjoy the fun of cooking by smart kitchen appliances with more convenience while appreciating the beauty of the product.


To create a light-kitchen kingdom of Chunmi

We used to run into many difficulties in daily cooking in the past, so cooking became a flag we often set and abolish!

With the careful work of Diego and his design team, Chunmi launched the TOKIT series of smart appliances in the first half of this year, including induction cooker and oven, which, combined with a series of other smart kitchen appliances like Chunmi rice cooker and induction cooker, form a light-kitchen kingdom of Chunmi. By linking with the TOKIT APP, the user can make intelligent control of the temperature and time to cook delicious dishes with ease.

Due to the innovative and practical design, the TOKIT series received at the beginning of its release the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Award, which are acclaimed as the "Oscars in the design world". What’s more, it is rather convenient to access the super recipes shared by Michelin-starred chefs and enthusiastic netizens through the APP, to start and share a gourmet journey together.

By the intelligent means, a kitchen newbie who has never been in it can easily get started to cook, and those who want to cook can cook with more ease!


Now more and more young people would like to step into the kitchen, use the smart Chunmi kitchen appliances to cook graceful and creative food, and the younger generation who feel like sharing would share the relaxed and creative fun in kitchen to more people.

Chunmi now redefines the "light-era" smart kitchen appliances ecology, helping users to handle the complicated parts without depriving them of the cooking pleasure, and meanwhile, it can record the whole cooking experience to create a space for sharing and communicating of food culture.


Moreover, Mijia cooperated with the TV show "Chef Nic" to launch a co-branded induction cooker with "Chef Nic", which, with built-in Chef Nic recipes, depicts a new outline of smart kitchen on the basis of both soft and hard strengths.

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A good kitchen appliance could be also a good “master”

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